​The National Capital Area Sports Massage Team facilitates

the integration of massage practitioners into the training programs of local athletes.

NCASMT offers massage therapy for participants at various athletic events in DC, Maryland, & Virginia.  Sports massage is a unique branch of bodywork in that there are very specific strokes that are used on athletes for various reasons and at differing times.  See WHAT IS SPORTS MASSAGE.

In 1986, the NCASMT was established under the leadership of Cary Bland and Elliot Greene as a Non-Profit organization.  Early members were Arch Harrison and Curt Millar.  Team members live in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Southern Pennsylvania and Delaware.  See DIRECTORY for a list of member practitioners.

The Team has worked these events:  The World Police & Fire Games 2015, The Marine Corps Marathon, The Oxford Triathlon, The National Capital Open Bicycle Race, The Chesapeake Bay Swim Race, The Mobil Invitational Track and Field Meet, The Multiple Sclerosis 150K Bike Ride, The Reston Triathlon, The Army 10 Miler, The Tyson's 10K Run for the Vienna Women's Shelter, The National Wheelchair Games, The American Cancer Relay, The Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run, and The National Winter Olympics and the Paralympics.

We also work with athletic clubs: The Montgomery County Road Runners, The Reston Running Club, & The Happy Trails Running Club. The NCASMT is unique in that we donate 10% of our profits from an event back to the non-profit group hosting the event.  (All arrangements for donations must be made prior to the event.)  A letter of "Thanks" from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society illustrates our commitment to this.

WHAT IS SPORTS MASSAGE?​  Sports Massage is a unique branch of bodywork with very specific strokes & stretches that are used on athletes for various reasons & at different times. Two models are 1) Performance Model which is performed at a sporting event or training session; and 2) Medical Model where athlete is in good physical condition, with no injuries. 

Performance Model:

1. Pre-Event Sports Massage stimulates nervous system to facilitate an optimal muscle contraction and supply muscle with fresh, oxygenated blood; it also optimizes range of motion for the body segment/part that will undergo the physical activity. 

2.  Interim-Event Sports Massage is a combination of Pre/Post-Event Massage strokes.

3. InPost-event Sports Massage, goals are to soothe and sedate the neuromuscular system to facilitate recovery for the athlete.

Medical Model has 2 components: Maintenance & Rehabilitation.

​1) In Maintenance oriented massage the focus is on helping athlete stay injury-free during their training season.

2) In Rehabilitation oriented massage the focus is on getting athlete as symptom-free as possible after a medically diagnosed condition.  After seeing physician and physical therapist, athlete desires sports massage as a complimentary aspect to their recovery.

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